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Packraft Daytrip


Dates: Every thursday from June to August or on request
Duration: 5 - 7 hours
Difficulty: River Cl. II - III (Medium)
Number of participants: 1 - 5 Persons
Price: From 150 Euro p.p. (from 3 participants)
Packraft and Safty equipment included



- Packraft and paddle
- Wetsuit and sprayjacket
- Safty Equipment (helmet and lifejacket)
- Backpack / drybag

To take with you

- Swimming suit and towel
- Shoes that may get wet (no crocs, sandals or beach shoes)
- optional, thermal underwear / Ski underwear (synthetic or merino)


- Good swimming abilities and health
- From 14 years old
An pervious experiance on packraft, kajak, canoe or rafting is a plus. If you donĀ“t consider youself especially sportif we recommande you to start with the Saalach Beginner


Packrafting is an outdoor sport and we are not scared of a bit of water! The tour will take place by any weather. By extrem storm we may have to postpone and delay the course.
High water may as well lead to some adjustment, delay or cancellation. The participant we be noticed in due time.